This is Patrick

See the difference we are making to Patrick’s life.

About us

At Fitzfitness we use a wide range of holistic therapies to help regulate, stimulate and calm the nervous system. As most of the clients we see have heightened senses their Sympathetic Nervous System is constantly running on high (fight or flight). This is where a lot of behaviours, frustration, anxiety, stress, anger, hyperventilation, high blood pressure and a increased heart rate happen throughout the body. Therefore it is very important to activate the clients Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and digest) to help regulate their sensory levels and emotions by slowing down their heart and breathing rates, lowering their blood pressure and increasing calmness throughout their body.

Darren Fitzharris

Exercise with sensory processing disorders

In this video I will show you an exercise I like to use with my clients that have Autism and intellectual disabilities. As you can see with my client Patrick as soon as he starts to focus on the task at hand his clicking completely stops.

Why we do what we do

In this video, I explain the benefits and outcomes I am achieving with my clients with intellectual disabilities and the milestones they are reaching. I also explain why sitting at a machine in the gym is not beneficial.

Therapy through functional movement

At Fitzfitness we offer Therapy Through Functional Movement. Current clients who have benefited from this program include clients with sensory processing disorders, physical and intellectual disabilities, and clients with mental health conditions.