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At FitzFitness, we employ a diverse array of holistic and movement-based therapies aimed at regulating, stimulating, and soothing the nervous system. Many of our clients exhibit heightened sensory responses, leading to constant activation of their Sympathetic Nervous System. This heightened state of “fight or flight” often manifests in various behaviours such as frustration, anxiety, stress, anger, hyperventilation, elevated blood pressure, and increased heart rate.

We know how important it is to engage the Parasympathetic Nervous System, or the “rest and digest” response. By slowing down our heart and breathing rates, and reducing blood pressure, we’re able to foster a sense of calmness throughout the body, which helps reduce challenging behaviours, and leads to a happier you. Perfect for people with sensory processing disorders, physical and intellectual disabilities, and mental health conditions, prepare to experience the extensive benefits from our range of Fitzfitness programs.

Our Services

Benefits of our programs

Reduced stress, and a regulated,
soothed nervous system

Improved fine motor skills and
ability to perform daily tasks

Improved verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Improved sensory awareness and
response to sensory cues

Enhanced problem-solving abilities,
memory retention, and concentration

A supportive community and monthly
social gatherings

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